Kamala Harris as VP nominee update 4.

2 out of 3 Americans Have Died from Covid According to Top Cop Kamala Harris

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kamala said, once Trump’s gone..look out ..we are coming for you.

Kamala’s Identity Crisis: Hindu Caste Privilege, Jamaican Slavery & “Queen of Police State”

 Don Lemon once questioned whether Kamala is African American. HINT: She’s neither. An anchor baby not qualified to be VP and even her feminism is in question— she has supported ending women’s sports with transgender men and now cheers Joe although she believed Joe’s accusers

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The Angle: Kamala’s big con

Scott Canadian

Scott Canadian 1 year ago (edited)Kamala Harris ancestors owned slaves in Jamaica, black and Irish. I am Irish decent and she owes me compensation!

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Kamala Harris, self-proclaimed victim’s advocate, refused to prosecute priests for sexual abuseBy Isabelle Z.

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Kamala – Not Constitutionally Qualified for VPGulliver

Sad that as well meaning as Richard Proctor is, he doesn’t appear to have understood the Constitution. The only U.S. citizen defined in the 187 Constitution is a natural born citizen. A “uniform rule for naturalization” was not possible before the citizenship of slaves was resolved, Congress, in Article 1 Section 8 was appropriately assigned that task, which finally happened after the 14th Amendment.

 HUGE: One-Third of Black Voters Say Biden’s VP Announcement Makes Them Less Likely to Vote Democrat

Screenshot 2gateway pundit

This won’t make any headlines.
A new Rasmussen poll finds that a third of black voters say Biden’s announcement of Kamala Harris as his running mate makes them less likely to vote the Democrat ticket this year.

Biden announced Kamala as his running mate on Tuesday.
Tulsi Gabbard destroyed Kamala Harris’s record as a prosecutor who put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana.

According to Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, “She kept people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California. And she fought to keep cash bail system in place that impacts poor people in the worst kind of way.”

Screenshot 2women slave trader

 Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as VP nominee

CNN Says “Joe Biden To Step Aside For Kamala Harris After Election”

Alex Jones describes the effects of Kamala Harris becoming Joe Biden’s VPBlitzEpidemicKamela is Ineligible to be President (Section 1 Article 2) and Vice President (12th Amendment). Civil War must ensue if they force an anchor baby on us.   Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s VP pick — here’s what Jewish voters should know

african blood
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Kamala Harris and Joe Biden to raise taxes.

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Kamala Harris with George Soro’s son Alexander Soros (Jewish).Bombshell! CNN Confirms Biden Planning to “Step Aside” After Election, Installing Harris – FULL SHOW

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 Must See: Tulsi Gabbard Slays Kamala Harris

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 Why Kamala Harris Is More Of A Horrible Monster Than I ThoughtMorvunskarr

She’s non white, she hates white people, she is pro Jewish, she supports Israel, she’s a communist, she loves what Stalin did to the 21 million white people that died under communism, she loves both the prc and USSR, she loves what is happening to white America, she is married to a Jew.

Screenshot 2she smoked weed

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