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 The Coveners League news site without the spin of the controlled media.

 “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”TruthFreedomPeace ACTION PLAN FOR IMMEDIATE CHANGE to counter the corruption , censorship and surveillance by media/tech/finance giants and politicians: 1)Cancel Cable TV (All channels should be made available individually) 2)Bank with small local banks & invest with small brokerages & insist your employer/pension fund do the same.  3)Do Not donate money to politicians & consider boycotting companies that give them money or pay them for speeches. Some might decide to boycott Facebook,Twitter,Apple,Amazon,Microsoft and Google for censorship or corruption issues alone. 4)Support a pardon for Julian Assange & Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers/truthtellers 5)Join Pro freedom social network MINDS ,where freedom of speech and truth are respected and users earn crypto tokens for their contributions to the site. 6)Use web browsers like Dissenter,Tor or Brave rather than Chrome or Safari when you surf the web.Use search engines like Quant or DuckDuckGo rather than Google or Bing for web searches.Use an email service like ProtonMail rather than Gmail.Post videos to Bitchute and MINDS rather than Youtube.Shop online at Overstock rather than Amazon/Wayfair 7)Use Linux operating systems like Linux Mint, Lubuntu, Debian or others on your computer rather than Windows, Mac or Chrome OS.Keep your eyes open for alternatives to apple/android smartphones in the near future. 8) Do NOT support the “War on Drugs” which causes more crime, death, murder, gang violence, incarcerations, enriching criminals while millions of people still use illegal drugs anyway. 9) Support a new foreign policy where We The People worldwide unite behind and promote the principles of truth/freedom/goodwill/integrity/humility/Non-Aggression Principle/Golden Rule and focus on winning hearts and minds. Please share this plan of action with others via text,email & social media if you agree.Here is link to share this message.Thank You

 The following quote taken from article below

/ ALERT: Antifa Puppetmasters to Engineer “Patriot” Slaughter of Leftists To Spark Violent Uprising Against Conservatives

“Where to find the truth when it all comes down

Now, more than ever, you need to know the websites where you’ll find independent, accurate news analysis, videos and free speech. Some of those sites are:

VIDEO SITES: and are both independently-run video platforms where the truth about false flag operations is routinely exposed. You can post your own videos on right now. Lisa Haven’s channel is especially popular there.

NEWS aggregation sites: Read or for news aggregation. ( now spiders, AllNewsPipeline, InfoWars, PJ Media, The Epoch Times and dozens of other sites.)

INDY MEDIA news sites that must be checked daily include and many more. (Apologies to all, since this is not a comprehensive list.)

Stay informed, and understand these simple, powerful truths:

– The mainstream media is dead. There is no “journalism” at CNN, the NYT or The Washington Post. They are all, without exception, propaganda rags working for the CIA.

– The tech giants are openly engaged in treason to overthrow America and rig the 2020 election. It’s time for Trump to arrest the CEOs of the biggest tech giants, seize their domain names and shut them down until they agree to stop censoring conservatives.” END

This page is to ensure our readers have access to good quality alternative news sites, blogs and diaries.  This helps individuals stay educated and also exposes the Globalist mainstream media for the outrageous one-sided bias that it commonly represents.  It is important to find news sources that represent “We the People”, citizens of the world.

The Coveners League- This site is not linked to the any Party in any shape or form but we support the common sense policies because they represent the wishes of the majority.

 White Nationalist

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Alex Jones


American Countdown

 Alex Jones Info Wars

Video: The Truth About Alex Jones

I completely lost faith in mainstream media. Watch Alex Jones for yourself, don’t let globalist media lies influence you about Alex Jones Infowars News, make up your own mind and watch Alex Jones News.

 Alex married a Jew. That makes his children Jewish.

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Amazing Polly

red iiiic

Red Ice Blacklisted By Bankers, They Want Us Cancelled

Red Ice TV

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 Western Spring.

Western Spring is not just a website. We are a community of people dedicated to achieving the Six Prerequisites and thereby acquiring the wherewithal needed to win political power and through that secure the future survival, proliferation and advancement of the British people and other White peoples of European descent, wherever they may live. Please join us:

[contact-form to=’

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Muslim and African’ migrants should be returned to home

European News

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 The latest, blacklisted news from Europe.

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 American Renaissance

American Renaissance and its website are run by Jared TaylorHenry WolffChris Roberts, and Gregory Hood. Our mailing address is Box 527, Oakton, VA 22124 and our telephone number is (703) 716-0900.

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 Fight White Genocide

WHITE GENOCIDE – QUOTES – white genocide info

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 The Unz Review: An Alternative Media SelectionSELECTED ALTERNATIVE MEDIANew Observer Online

hickok45Conservative Texas Chick

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We Are Change

Before It’s News

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Screenshot 1maller resistance


White Rabbit

  Paychads @ White Rabbit Radio.
Follow our new Telegram below!…

Stormfront  "White Community Worldwide

Stormfront “White Community Worldwide

March Of The Titans

channel image


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Millie Weaver

  Millie Weaver

 Millie Weaver breaks through the lies of the Mainstream Media with hard hitting reporting and investigative reports.



 qanonScreenshot 2adam greenKnow More NewsWhite NationalistTRAITOR Alex Jones EXPOSED by Rev. Ted Pike Christopher Bollyn sits down with Adam Green and Know More News to discuss his critics, protesters, and censorship. Bollyn exposes the Zionist plot to rule the Middle east.The Zionist War OF Terror with Christopher Bollyn

Bob Jones

Bob Jones 9 months agoIsrael just gave safe passage to. The white helmets and flew them. And there family’s to Europe and u.k.Trump’s Kabbalah ‘Tree of Life’ AwardThe ADL says “Boycotts do nothing”Israel First Conservatives Try To Link Comet Ping Pong Arsonist To Israel Critic – Adam Green Mike Cernovich EXPOSED as a Zionist Propagandist Jewish Professor Barry Trachtenberg vs. Zionist Censors Zionist Censorship

IDF Captain Dan Gordon Confronted by the GDL Alex Jones & Game of Thrones Predict Zionist False Flag The Zionist Plan to Take Over the World Zionist Israeli Debates Zionist Critic Adam Green Lucky Larry Silverstein is BACK!!!The Red ElephantsWhite NationalistTrump Just ENDED Chain Migration with Latest Supreme Court Victory To join Pocketnet and receive FREE Pocketcoin visit: Truth About CPAC | Actual Conservatives Banned, Leftist Activists Welcomed  Censored.News – All the news they don’t want you to see America is NOT a Nation of Immigrants or a Melting Pot | The Truth About Immigration into America

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My Name Is Brother Nathanael Kapner
I’m A “Street Evangelist”

I Grew Up As A Jew
I’m Now An Orthodox Christian

I Wish To Warn How Jewry
Is Destroying Christianity Throughout The World

The Brother Nathanael Foundation Is A
501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
POB 547 Priest River ID 83856

Brother Nathanael Links:

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The Pope’s newest liberal cause — homosexual marriage (civil union)

Voris: Pope’s New Concern, “Gay Civil Union” and Church Under Lockdown

Michael Voris,

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Conservative, orthodox Christian worldviewTruNews Website www.trunews.comRick Wiles is against the “Brown Invasion” and Erasing White America. “TruNews is on the air! TruNews is God’s answer to Satan’s fake news. TruNews is the world’s leading news source that reports, analyzes, and comments on global events and trends with a conservative, orthodox Christian worldview. Our vision is to build a global news network that provides a credible source for world news, events, and trends while giving respect and honor to Christians of all major denominations — Evangelical, Orthodox, Anglican, Catholic, and Protestant. We believe Christians need and deserve their own global news network to keep the worldwide Church informed, and to offer Christians a positive alternative to the anti–Christian bigotry of the mainstream news media.” The following From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ” Rick Wiles is an American radio host and pundit. He hosts TruNews, a daily, nationally syndicated television program. He is a critic of progressivism which he pairs with an conservative fundamentalist Christian outlook on various issues.[1″

Founding TruNews

“Wiles founded the organisation later to be called TruNews in September 1998, based in Dallas, Texas as a ministry.  On May 24, 1999, the organisation then named Americas Hope made its first broadcast. After five years of regular broadcasts, the news station changed its name titled America Freedom News for a brief period. Wiles later changed it a second time to its current name, ” Mossad Meltdown: Why the Truth Cannot be Reported about Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex CrimesIlhan Omar Controversy: Is Valid Criticism of Israel Policies Racist Hate Speech? 

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Christians for Truth

Follow us on:


The truth will set you free

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Alt News has a lot of articles and videos on giving a different point of view than what we see on mainstream media and education.
Screenshot 1i not not aree

Brian Rose
Screenshot 1for britain

For Britain Livestream 10th August 2020Screenshot 1britain movement

For Britain Movement

ForBritainMovementTommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson

Please support us at TR.News

UK Column

The UK Column is an independent multimedia news website supported by its members.

 UK Column @ukcolumn· Watch

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Laura Towler

 We Were Never Asked: British People Say No To Mass Immigration – Laura Towler Laura Towler is a British activist, Youtuber and writer/editor for Defend Europa. She discusses her latest production, We Were Never Asked, where a team surveyed thousands of English men and women to discover their thoughts on mass immigration and becoming a minority in Britain.

Guest’s links:
—•⨜₷pector • o⨍ •⨛₸ism •—4 days agoView in discussion

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Dustin Nemos


Find US on BITCHUTE here:

Discussion & Community chat, Sunday Nights at 7pm EST. LIVE join before they ban us! or Patreon for donations!
Bitchute accounts: Dustin Nemos/Nemos News NetworkBestselling QBook: www.T…Ireland

The National Party – An Páirtí Náisiúnta

@AnPairtiNaisiunta  Russia

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Russia Insider

Charles Bausman is the editor and publisher of Russia Insider. He has worked in finance in Russia since the early 1990s, specializing since 2009 in large-scale investments in agriculture. He worked for NBC News in Moscow in the late 1980s. Charles has an MBA in finance from Columbia University, and a degree in history from Wesleyan University. He speaks Russian and German.

Charles Bausman – The Truth About Russia  

It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo  Charles Bausman – The Truth About Russia

Screenshot 2russia insi

Russia Insight  Germany 

Screenshot 1photo

 Naomi’s YouTube:…

 Naomi’s Facebook:…”“> Fighting For Germany (With Naomi Seibt)   

red pill

  Red Pill Germany    AfD Politican Party in Germany

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Brandon Straka – “I am kicking off the #WalkAway campaign by releasing my video about why I am walking away from liberalism and the Democrat Party.” “It is my sincere hope that you will join me in this campaign and that we may start a movement in this country – which not only encourages others to walk away from the divisive left, but also takes back the narrative from the liberal media about what itBrandon Straka, “Why I left the Democrat Party”

Patriot Prayer

@PatriotPrayerUSAAmerican Renaissance Canadian New

Screenshot 1thompson

 ?? All credit to “Laura-Lynn” – Original video:
Bitchute-Channel: YT-Channel:

channel image

I’m a  Jewish Christian Canadian Nationalist.

Faith Goldy


Screenshot 2rebell m

The owner of Rebel Media in Canada Ezra Levant is Jewish.

Rebel Media


I wrote a best-selling book about Justin Trudeau in the last election.

After the election, I received a letter by registered mail notifying me that I was being investigated for that book. Trudeau’s elections commissi…

Jewish Laura Loomer is Jewish.Screenshot 2loomal yyTrump Retweets Support of House Candidate Laura Loomer Banned from Twitter  On December 28, 2019, congressional candidate and journalist Laura Loomer was retweeted by President Donald Trump.

https://www.freeloomer.comLaura’s Story

My name is Laura Loomer. As many of you may have heard, I was permanently banned from Twitter for life on November 21, 2018, and then I was banned for 30 days from Facebook less than 24 hours later, in another example of collusion by tech giants to censor conservative voices.

What was my offense?

I merely shared a fact. Yes, the truth can now get you banned for life from the Internet, in America, the land of the free, and the only country with a First Amendment right.

The tweet that Twitter decided to ban me for was a tweet full of facts about Sharia law. It was a tweet directed at Ilhan Omar, a newly elected Congresswoman, a politician, a public figure, which pointed out that her support of Sharia law does not make her an ally for gay people, women, or Jews, as Twitter would like you to believe.

Sure enough, it was eventually discovered that CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) was behind my banning, specifically lobbying Twitter to remove me from the platform.

You read that correctly. CAIR, a group that is designated by some countries as a terrorist organization, asked Twitter to ban me, suppressing my ability to speak and fully operate as a journalist in America.

This insanity has to end. That’s why I’m suing CAIR and Twitter.I Am Now The Most Banned Woman In The Worldlauraloomer.usLiving In A Digital Gulag On Holocaust Remembrance Daylauraloomer.usI Went To Jack Dorsey’s Houselauraloom   

Mark Steyn  Mark Steyn is Jewish. Screenshot 1zionism israel

Neturei Karta
These are orthodox Jews united against Zionism


Screenshot 2white pov
South African Family Relief Project




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Screenshot 2solid

Press Releases


Screenshot 2sa n

South African pro White News

SA News

breaking news, bold views | issn 2414-8997

Email: info[at]

Postal: PO Box 3103
2055 South AfricaA Facebook post made by the Oraniabeweging (Orania Movement)


Screenshot 2tr news

Avi Yemini

Avi Yemini is Jewish.

‘Video taken from Avi Yemini. – TODAY YouTube fully de-monetized my entire channel. I’m not gonna lie, it’s bummer for me. YouTube has been one of the main income sources that I rely on to be able to do my work. Now that’s suddenly gone.”

  Avi Yemini – Why is YouTube now treating me like a Nazi?!

Screenshot 2fuck you g

Warning Language. Karen Brewer ENOUGH-IS- ENOUGH Australia


Screenshot 2paulineh

Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain Pauling Hanson One Nation Party Senator for Queensland Australia. 

 News from Australian

Sydney Watson – Home | Facebook

Screenshot 2cirn

Switzerland’s CIRNow
CIR Bill

What is CIR?

Australian RadioAustralian Patriot Radio.

Mark Latham’s Outsiders


In Australia Mark Latham of…


Alan Jones


Sky News Australia


channel image



Screenshot 2cairnnews

Australian State of Queensland.

77,213 registered  for Cairnsnews as at June 2nd, 2018

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The Bloody Aussie Battler podcast is here!

This exciting new podcast, featuring Mike Holt and guests, discusses politics like you have never heard before. Listen any time on your browser or mobile device. Just click on the image above.
//” rel=”nofollow”>>
Twitter @maxigan

Mark Latham’s Outsiders



Concerned Citizens of Australia

Aussies United Against UN-Safe Schools

Australian Resistance


Screenshot 2austra


Screenshot 1inl

Israeli News Live

Israel, Jewish Community and Mideast Crisis


Israeli Girls


Middle East 

channel image

Mimi is from Syria and now lives in Australian.

partisan Girl



Humans Against Zionism 2.0


 Palaestra Media

 (The Palestine Chronicle i White Nationalist Community

Screenshot 2this is e

This is Europa

View on YouTube
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Category:  Nonprofits & Activism This is Europa  | Imagine a world without anti-whites  | anti-whites  | white genocide  | antiracist is a codeword for antiwhite

More of This is Europa:
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Print this postLiv Heide

WhiteDating Worldwide

Whenever whites put up a white dating site, it’s viscously attacked by the media and anti-white racist groups. I suspect most dating sites are Jewish run, and we need to develop sites that represent white gentile Europeans. So everybody should promote this site on their website, and every racial group worldwide should develop and promote dating sites to represent their people.

Screenshot 2w family

White People Against Interracial Relationships

Screenshot 2family

European Traditional Family

White European and West Eurasians Videos

Nordic and Anglo Saxon Beauty

White people Inventions and Innovations. You’re Welco

 Legal Help in the United State

Screenshot 2robert barrr

  Free America Law Center

“Arm yourself as a citizen of Free America with the best defense you have: your Constitution. Join Free America Law Center today and enjoy voting rights on future cases, a Bill of Rights book series by Barnes Law School, a weekly podcast featuring constitutional expert Robert Barnes and exclusive invitations to future events for the Citizens of ‘76 and our nation’s leading freedom fighters.”


Screenshot 2dr t

NaturalSolutions Western Armies

Russian Orthodox Army

Russia army

Israeli Air Force



Israel IDF Women


IDF Women


Screenshot 2military arms


Israeli Girls

@IsraeliGirls Царьград ТВ 516,455 subscribers Graham Phillips 133,513 subscribers

 Watchdog Media« Toward a White WakandaCounter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 214 
Interview with Tatjana Festerling »

  Patriot Fire

Tim Linsdau


StevenCrowder  Selected Alternative Media

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· Sebastian Gorka DrGVerified account @SebGorka Sara A. CarterVerified account @SaraCarterDC Candace OwensVerified account @RealCandaceO Jeanine PirroVerified account @JudgeJeanine Sean HannityVerified account @seanhannity


 militaryhackforce militaryhackforce

Screenshot 1ancient or

Robyn Riley@CCbucko

Asatru Folk Assembly

Asatru Folk Assembly

Screenshot 2bitc
channel image

Interesting & Censored Channels & Clips



 rt BRIGHTEON VIDEO as a much better alternative to YouTube. Support Freedom of Speech…Click here to shop:

Readers Note: WE AND OUR CONTENT ARE VERY HEAVILY SHADOWBANNED – Use Telegram links below for constant feed updates

WhiteRabbitRadioTV BritishScreenshot 1jayda web
Screenshot 1alex brit

ALEX JONES (3rd HOUR) Friday 8/23/19: Jayda Fransen Political Persecution, Tommy Robinson Update

For media enquiries, please email:

Postal address: PO Box 37, Donaghadee, Northern Ireland BT21 0YY

Screenshot 1british lady

Radio Free America interview Jayda Fran (show all

 Dear friends, Christianity is booming in Russia! – Our dear colleagues made a great new website to bring you the story – Russia has changed! Please visit their wonderful website

channel image


 #TommyRobinson #TrNews – …

Screenshot 1irmep

AfD Politican Party in Germany

 Related Pages

Screenshot 1st bol you

Stefan MolyneuxVerified account


I run Freedomain Radio, the most popular philosophy show in the world – over 600 million views! artoftheargument.comJoined June 20112,809 Photos and video


channel image


Screenshot 1war v

ZenosWarbirdsPublished on Nov 4, 2012

World of Warships Official ChannelNaval Legends: Cinemarathon

Screenshot 1black pigeon

 Support Black Pigeon Speaks:

 Subscribe to Black Pigeon Speaks on Bitchute:…

Screenshot 2military arms

 Jordan B Peterson


Lauren Southern PO BOx 93041 Willowbrook Langley, BC V3A 8H2 Canada

 Lauren Southern 

White Nationalist

FARMLANDS (2018) Official Documentary

“I cover stories the mainstream media refuse to cover…

  UNDERCOVER: NGOs teaching migrants to lie



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White Nationalist
Israel First Conservatives Try To Link Comet Ping Pong Arsonist To Israel Critic – Adam GreenYule 2018 Live Stream Things You Can’t Talk About…EVERThe Chinese Problem: Invasion Of The WestAmerica is NOT a Nation of Immigrants or a Melting Pot | The Truth About Immigration into America The Daily Beast Calls For The Termination of Red Ice TV on YouTube Jewish people behind The Daily Beast  Whiteness: The Original Sin – Jim GoadTrue Conservatives Minutes [TCM]

Screenshot 1ap

AZ Patriots

Screenshot 1ills

United Constitutional Patriots New Mexico Border Ops more still flooding in… Amazing work being done at the border by United Constitutional Patriots – New Mexico Border Ops. Working with #CBP they detained a huge group last night from Guatemala. We need more highly trained groups like this working with CBP at the border. We also need Congress to act. There is a crisis at the southern border. #UCP #PatriotsInMotion #BuildTheWall #CatchAndDeport #FundCBPAndJudges stop the invasion. United Constitutional Patriots New Mexico Border Ops more still flooding in

The Flying Brompton

The Flying Brompton 1 month ago (edited)I wonder how many of them are vaccinated?…why do we have a measles outbreak in Texas, the worse in a decade. 

Fridolf måne

Fridolf måne 1 month ago (edited)What gives them the freedom to invade other peoples lands? They’ll keep coming until we stop them like any other group of people would. They are invading europe too they want our freedoms, that want to replace us with more of themselves. We had stable economic and homogenous populations until the media told us we cant do without this brown locust swarms of death. They ruin our lives and the future generations of white humans i dont give a single shit about their children ours first. Their chicks are eating and pushing ours out of the nest. 
American Renaissance

WHITE GENOCIDE – QUOTES – white genocide info

Mindy Robinson

 In the wake of Columbus Day and Indigenous People’s Day, Mindy reminds us of the crazy crap the Indians did!

 / Peaceful Indians? Eh, Not So Much.

Pedophiles on Twitter | Red, White and F You!…

 . This is an actual Planned Parenthood ad for abortion that shows a sweet baby girl then implies she’s better off dead. What is wrong with these people?

This is Europa 
Community Forum:
At the time of writing, they have  over 50,000 Likes

This is Europa – Our Paradise on Earth…

Michael Savage

Home of the Savage Nation


Voxiversity The bestselling author of THE IRRATIONAL ATHEIST and ON THE EXISTENCE OF GODS defines the three pillars of Western Civilization, shows how Christianity historically shaped the West, and explains why modern science not only required Christianity to come into being, but still depends upon Christian values to remain an effective tool for exploring the world around us. Part I of II. Why Western Civilization Needs Christianity Why Western Civilization Needs Christianity: Part II

Screenshot 7british guy

Mark CollettThis Week on the Alt Right – with Syrian Girl The Jewish Role in the Refugee CrisisHow the British Welfare System Favours MuslimsSGTreportPUTIN JUST EXPOSED THE PLOT TO DESTROY AMERICA This is Not a Culture War. This is a War For Demographics and the Future and America
Activist-NewsWhite Nationalist Rabbi: “Biological Jews behind Open Borders for White Countries”John MarkWhy the Left NEVER LEARNS (Part 1) – FAKE STATUS!!!Why the Left Never Learns (Part 2) – Mother Instinct GONE WRONGJean-Francois GariépyWhite NationalistBarbara4u2cWhite Nationalist AN HONEST EUROPEAN UNION MEETING

  Crime Online Logo

Alex Jones Show: (877) 789-ALEX or (512) 646-1776 The David Knight Show & War Room: (888) 201-2244 or (512) 646-4426

HopkinsWorld – Katie Hopkins – Telling it like it is

“Plaasmoorde: The Killing Fields”: Katie Hopkins’ documentary about South Africa (FULL LENGTH)

Katie Hopkins Uncensored The Alex Jones Interview

 Katie Hopkins Uncensored The Alex Jones Interview

  Best Of Katie Hopkins Triggering Snowflakes, Leftists & SJWs (Highlights/Compilation)

Owen Shroyer announces the new “Infowars Army”. Do you have what it takes to stand up against the globalists and the fake news MSM? This is an open call to all free thinkers who want their country back!

  The Infowars Army Awaits, Join Now!

How To Get The Banned Infowars Podcasts On Your Mobile Device

Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph WatsonPaul Watson in Europe (PrisonPlanet)Porto

Screenshot 1solar g

SOLAR GENERALJordan Peterson Clips

Stormfront Radio, Thursday,


Screenshot 1occupy pe

The Black Banners of the East Satellite Station

“Since as far back as we can remember religious practices and ritual rights have played an important role in our daily lives. Often we grow up not even questioning why we perform these acts in the first place. What do the so called Shia Muslims gain in beating their chests and heads and striking themselves with sharp metal objects”.

  Making Of Stupidity | ISIS

  Making Of Stupidity | Jewish Traditions

  Stained: Exposing The Barbaric Practice of Cutting Off Hands

 uest’s website:

 Get the book:

Abbeville Inst

From the November 10, 2018 conference “The Revival of Secession and State Nullification” in Dallas, TX. Der Volkslehrer Germany
I had the honor of giving a lecture at the traditional Tuesday talk in Berlin. It was my first lecture of this kind … was it successful? Evaluate for yourself. ▶▶ YOU CAN SUPPORT MY WORK Money Transfer: Nikolai Nerling IBAN: PL 76 1160 2202 0000 0003 5018 9224 BIC (Swift): BIGBPLPW Bitcoin: 19Q8oDiu2ZAr7DfL18oUQiVWaUvNriPCeU THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE!!! ▶▶ YOU WANT TO WRITE? E-Post: Snail Mail: Der Volkslehrer Postfach 21 20 22 10514 Berlin ▶▶ NEWSLETTER Submit to my classbook, this way we stay in contact: ▶▶ YOUTUBE-ALTERNATIVE All my videos are also available on bitchute. There they cannot be blocked or restricted:… ▶▶ LEGAL All rights remain with their respective owners. ▶▶ WEBSITE”Nikolai Der Volkslehrer (The Folk Teacher) is an independent journalist in Germany. We’ll discuss all things relevant in German politics including German guilt programming, immigration, thought crimes and what the future may hold”.  Globalists Want A Germany Without Germans – Nikolai On September, 12th/13th we went to Basel, Switzerland … and encountered lots of telling testimonies of the progressive left (aka communists) and the money makers. However, in the end everything went alright and we delivered once again a Volkslehrer-style city trip.

Screenshot 7jess

Jesse Lee Peterson  Black man in the United States Jesse Lee Peterson fights for whites and other races  short compilation of intelligent black community leaders dismantling white privilege, systemic racism, and black victimhood. Thank you for watching, please subscribe to the channel for similar content. Black People Dismantle “White Privilege” Mark Collett, British Right Wing activist, author of The Fall of Western Man. Alt-Right activist Mark Collett on “The Fall Of Western Man”! David Duke, and Morality   Karen Straughan returns, spokeswoman for Men’s Rights Edmonton. 
Men’s Rights Activist Karen Straughan: #MeToo, Feminism, Hatred of Men, Fatherlessness, The Red Pill    Paul Elam, of A Voice for Men & An Ear for Men, on the attack on men, the mental health industry’s bias against men, marriage and MGTOW, and how Trump, whom he appreciates, is a gynocentrist. Men’s Rights Activist Paul Elam!

Promoting Family

Wife With A Purpose

Youtube |  Twitter |  Etsy

Hands Full and Loving ItHands Full & Loving It

Ask A Question | Photography Blog |  Email

Millie Weaver


Global Research (Centre for Research on Globalization)


Fights against Climate Change promoted by the United Nations (UNFCCC).

OCTOBER 5, 2018 – More than 100 leading scholars from 12 countries have issued a report contending “the global war on fossil fuels … was never founded on sound science or economics” and urging the world’s policymakers to “acknowledge this truth and end that war.”

CLEXIT – Climate Exit

The Saltbush Club organization in Australian fighting against Climate Change

  The Saltbush Club   

Global Carbon Tax Law? Consequences for Canada and Democracy 


This is Not a Culture War. This is a War For Demographics and the Future and America

REAL video (official)

Click here to join now as a video content creator (it’s free). the new alternative to YouTube! on Vimeo the new alternative to YouTube!  

Screenshot 7brighteon

  Exclusive: Peter Schiff Says Dems Going To Trigger Economic Depression

Angry Foreigner


  The Shocking Truth About Sweden (The White Rose Mirror)Gavin McInnes: Some “Myths” about Native Americans are True   (LANGUAGE WARNING) Concerned citizen (and dad) Gavin McInnes of lists the many ways children are being harmed by “education,” from Kindergarten on up.  Gavin McInnes: 20 Reasons Why School Sucks

Steven Crowder

Pop culture and politics from the most politically incorrect comedy channel on the web. … Owen Benjamin Guest | Louder With Crowder – Duration: 12 minutes.

StevenCrowder – YouTube

Steven Crowder a conservative political commentator, actor, & comedian brings you news, entertainment and politics with the most politically incorrect show.

Lisa Haven

Brittany Pettibone

White Nationalist

 SEND MAIL: United States: PO Box 278 Post Falls, IDAHO, 83877 Austria: Fach 23 1180, Vienna

Drudge Report

 Drudge Report

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American Free PressWhite Nationalist

Blackstone Intelligence NetworkHow the Jewish Rothschild Zionists Created Modern Israel

  Fox NewsCanada

Stefan MolyneuxWhite NationalistreallygracefulWhat We Weren’t Taught About Washington, D.C. | reallygracefulZionism: Unmasked in 10 minutes | reallygraceful Tommy RobinsonWon’t Be Around For Much LongerDavid Icke

Cyrus992 RED ICE Video Response: Why They Want To Replace White PeopleBoycottAnti ZionistSGTreport

Escape to FreedomDr. Steve Turley

Dinesh D’Souza He is from India

Lauren Southern

@LaurenCSouthernWillem Petzer

The Daily Caller

@DailyCaller Traditional Britain GroupTraditional Britain GroupMottoTraditional Conservatives, Radical Gab  “Gab is an ad-free social network dedicated to preserving individual liberty, the freedom of speech, and the free flow of information on the internet.”  


The Gateway Pundit – Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback

Jewish ZionistBreitbart News Network                           Syndicated news and opinion website providing continuously updated headlines to top news and analysis sources. Breitbart website founded in mid-2007 by  Jewish right wing conservative commentator Andrew Breitbar. 

Breitbart TV – Latest News | Breitbart

Breitbart | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Breitbart News Network

Breitbart News, Author at …Breitbart News, Author at Breitbart.Breitbart CaliforniaBreitbart California is the home of the hottest video on politics …
Breitbart LondonBreitbart London is the home of the hottest video on politics, world …Breitbart JerusalemBreitbart Jerusalem is the home of the hottest video on politics …
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The Daily Sheeple-Home I Facebook


The Daily Sheeple – YouTube

The Daily Sheeple – Media Bias/Fact Check

The Daily Sheeple |

The Daily | The Liberty Beacon

The Free Thought Project on Face Book


The Free Thought Project — Your online news and discussion platform

The Free Thought Project is a hub for Free Thinking conversations about the promotion of liberty and the daunting task of government accountability.

About Us… Government Watch · War on Drugs · Foreign Affairs · Home …Badge Abuse… prison this month for horrifying sexual abuse of a baby and …
TFTP Membership**All items ship after second month of membership. The Free …Government Corruption… on Drugs · Foreign Affairs · Home Be The Change …
Subscribe to Our NewsletterSubscribe to the exclusive online newsletter by Free Thought …Ever Google Yourself? Do aEver try Googling someone only to come up with basic … Ever …
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Boer Republic


@oraniabewegingWhite Nationalist

 Simon Roche,

 White Nationalist

Offshore Watch
Exposes Global Corruption relating to banks, corporations, and politicians. DAHBOO77

 Paul Begley

 RichieFromBostonThe Duran

 The Next News Network

Jessica Bella

Jessica Bella

 Fox News

 The Daily Stormer

Jewish Action and News

Freedom Watch Go to to Join Freedom Watch’s Coalition of the Jewish Right. All Jews and Christians welcome to join! Conservative Jews Are Correct To Recognize The Jewish Right

Richard Dewey

Richard DeweyThank you for speaking the truth. I honestly didn’t think you’d take an honest right-wing position. I am a Republican, I’ve always been a Conservative, I’m an Orthodox Lutheran, and I’m a White Nationalist. Contrary to common belief, we are not racist, we actually just want to be recognized for whom we are, and we feel threatened. We see the hypocrisy and it angers us. We do not condone violence. We see the communist left getting away with all sorts of crimes. Things are very unfair, regardless of whatever white privilege the leftists claim we have. We honestly feel that we could never go have our own homeland, to be left alone. We simply want what we know to be 100% factual, and that is that a White Nationalist Christian community, would have almost no crime. We believe multiculturalism to be the culprit. We should be able to have our own freedom of association. We should be able to enjoy the same free speech the leftists and communists enjoy. Thank you for helping the Bundys. I have been one of your supporters, including financially, and i will likely continue. Thank you  

 Israeli News Live

American Jews Against Zionism


Breaking the Silence


Jewish Organization in Israel

Support Tomi Lahren

The Official Hagmann Report

  True American Heroes

 Gotcha News Network

Black Pigeon Speaks: News from the bowels of the Internet


 Top Stories Today

 Fox Business


American News


Geller Report: Home

 Dr. Steve Pieczenik  Jewish


 Sputnik (Russian pronunciation: [ˈsputnʲɪk]; formerly The Voice of Russia and RIA Novosti) is a news agencynews website platform and radio broadcast service established by the Russian government-owned news agency Rossiya Segodnya.[2] Headquartered in Moscow, Sputnik has regional editorial offices in WashingtonCairoBeijingParisBerlinLondon and Edinburgh. Sputnik focuses on global politics and economics and is geared towards a non-Russian audience.[3] From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

News Bite Global   Thank God for Andrew Bolt and others like him. Australian mainstream media has it’s own globalist agenda instead of just reporting the news the way it used to be done but don’t worry,  Aussies are on to the bastards. 

Daisy Cousens

Laura Loomer

@lauraloomerofficialJewish ZionistRantsFacebook Allows Terrorist Who Beheaded Canadian Tourist To Keep Account & Actively PostVideo: Laura Loomer Chains Herself To Twitter HQ In New York to Protest Censorship of ConservativesHandcuffed Laura Loomer Demands, “Stop the Bias of Conservatives, Jack Dorsey!”LIVE! Laura Loomer Chains Herself To Twitter HQ In New York To Protest Censorship Of ConservativesTrump Breaking News Network

President Donald Trump News


Everybody please send the following video links to President Trump.

Message To Trump: Pass Law Against Censorship & Political Discrimination

New Law And Order Episode Depicts Infowars Reporter Being Raped

Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

Saludos a Donald Trump desde Cherán, Michoacán (TV Cherán)

The Truth About Migrants (2018)

INFOWARS HACKED: Taken Down After CNN Calls For Alex Jones To Be Silenced

Banning video channels is banning first amendment. Period. It’s all about opinion…either biased of fact-based. It should not make a difference the quality of the opinion. This should be left to the consumer.

The Censorship Master Plan Decoded – part 1 part  2 part 3.

The Censorship Master Plan Decoded – part 1

The Censorship Master Plan Decoded – part 2

The Censorship Master Plan Decoded – part 3

Write letter to President Trump ask him to allow all White South Africans into the United StatesWrite or Call the White HouseNUMBERS
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitor’s Office: 202-456-2121

Write a letter to the President of the United States

Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your message gets to the White House as quickly as possible.

  • If possible, email us! This is the fastest way to get your message to President Trump.
    • If you write a letter, please consider typing it on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper. If you hand-write your letter, please consider using pen and writing as neatly as possible.
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    • And finally, be sure to include the full address of the White House to make sure your message gets to us as quickly and directly as possible:
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Ronald Trump website:

Donald J Trump: Home http

Geller Report: Home

 Dr. Steve Pieczenik  Jewish

 News from Australian

Sydney Watson – Home | Facebook

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What is CIR?

77,213 registered  for Cairnsnews as at June 2nd, 2018

Mark Latham’s Outsiders


In Australia Mark Latham of…

Australian Radio


Australian Patriot Radio.

Alan Jones



Ann Coulter


Jair Bolsonaro

Faith Goldy


Pan-European Movement   Proud to be European

Canadian Patriot


South Front

Syrian Military News

FamilyVoice Australia


Project Veritas

 Project Veritas


 White Nationalist

DONATE to Stormfront Today!

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 Graham Phillips

 Watchdog Media RT

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HK Defense TV

China Uncensored

The Political Art of David Dees


 Men’s & Women’s OrganizationsProud Boys is a right wing men’s organization with presences in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2016 by Vice Media co-founder and former commentator Gavin McInnes. Wikipedia
Gavin McInnes

Where can you find a Proud Boys chapter?

USA ?? 85+
Canada ?? 15
Australia ?? 8…See More

  Is Liberalism Killing the Manly Man?

Proud Boys USA


Proud Boys

@ProudBoysInternational   RED ICE. Gavin McInnes quits the Proud Boys, we talk about why and why his counter signaling doesn’t work.

  Gavin Quits Proud Boys

Proud Boy Magazine



 Following the rally in Berkeley Gavin McInnes and the Proud boys went to a bar to celebrate. I got to witnessed the 2nd degree initiation of the Proud Boys and learn from Gavin, their founder, who exactly they were and what their group was about.

  Gavin McInnes Explains What ‘The Proud Boys’ Are

 Gavin explains who and what the Proud Boys are at David Horowitz’s restoration weekend. What they stand for, why, and shares a few stories about confrontations he/they have had.

Did Trump Read 1984? He Woke Up the Proles by Slaying the NFL

Proud Boys Sydney Australia

Official Proud Boys’ Girls

Rufio Panman

@rufiopanmanpatriot Investment advisor and broker-dealer  Welcome to Euro pAcific Capital. A division of A.G.P. / Alliance Global Partners, an SEC registered investment advisor and broker-dealer in USA.
Exclusive: Peter Schiff Says Dems Going To Trigger Economic DepressionChristian news websiteA Christian news website, known as lifesitenews.comAFA Asatru Folk Assembly Religion.
 White European Native Asatru folk Assembly Religion 

The AFA is great!  If you’re not happy with your religion then have look and learn about AFA and become missionary and promote AFA for White Europeans only.   AFA is based on native White European ancient believes and practice before Christianity. The promoter “Matt Flavel stressing that Asatru, despite boasting ancient origins, is a modern religion for modern people.”

The AFA religion in Europe has done such great things for our people and is a positive spiritual outlet for Europeans. AFA have spread out throughout Europe and needs to move all over the World as a White European religion to represent and fight for our people.  Matt Flavel – Asatru: Native Spirituality of European Folk – Radio 3Fourteen ” Matt Flavel serves on the board of directors for the Asatru Folk Assembly. We begin with a preliminary consideration of Asatru. As Matt explains, Asatru is an ancient religion that was revived during the 70s. Matt tells us about his spiritual journey, which, interestingly enough, began with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. We then discuss the ancient Germanic world and dispel the misconception that it was simple and barbaric. We also discuss the folkish nature of Asatru, and how this integral aspect of the Germanic tradition has been lost among an unfortunate amount of modern Pagans. Matt touches on the activities that Asatruar participate in, ranging from celebratory festivals to local meetups. We also touch on the importance of identity; specifically, the fact that White people are the only group expected to not have one. More abstract, metaphysical topics are touched on as well, such as the order-chaos dichotomy that is integral to Asatru. The show concludes with Matt stressing that Asatru, despite boasting ancient origins, is a modern religion for modern people.”

 Guest’s website:

Ladyofthe Labyrinth

Russian Military Technologie

Imagine flying a plane so high that the world looks spherical and the sky is pitch-black. The Mikoyan Mig-31 fighter is the only jet plane in the world to make it possible to fly on the very edge of space. With an incredible speed of 3,000 km/h, the Soviet-designed interceptor is the world’s fastest serving aircraft, and it can fly twice as high as a commercial flight. Travelling at more than twice the speed of sound, the MiG-31 can touch the stratosphere and breach what’s known as the Armstrong limit. beyond which a pilot’s tears and saliva would boil without a pressure suit.

  MiG-31: The Near-Space Plane. Russia’s super-fast interceptor

 US military Technology

 Self Reliances

Survival Lilly

My Self Reliance

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White History Channels

What We Believe

“The aim of this site is to promote intellectual freedom with regard to this one historical event called “Holocaust.” It is our belief that this will in turn help advance the concept of intellectual freedom with regard to all historical events. We find it vulgar beyond belief that Americans would spend more than half a century condemning the “unique monstrosity” of the Germans when we have not yet learned to condemn our own, or to even recognize it.”

What We Do

CODOH sponsors many revisionist and free speech activities; to name but a few: | Welcome

The Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages

History Time

Viper TV – FILMS

History Time

Ancient Architects

Flash Point HistoryPublished on Feb 12, 2019  The history of the Reconquista was a 781 year medieval journey. It was the story of the Christian War of Reconquest against Islamic Spain. A struggle that was not always constant or consistent. The Christian kingdoms of the northern Iberian Peninsula held their ground, clinging to survival. In time, as the initiative shifted and the great Caliphate fell; Asturias, Leon, Castile, Navarre, Aragon, and Portugal would have the chance to press the offensive. They were hampered along the way by the Almoravids and later the Almohads – and of course fought amongst themselves. This video covers the full history up till the year 1212 and the famous Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa. As requested, all the individual parts were put together for this one continuous piece. Enjoy! CONSIDER CONTRIBUTING ON PATREON: DOWNLOAD THE ALL THE FREE PODCAST EPISODES:… FOR ANDEROID USERS: FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK: VISIT ON TWITTER: ==== VERY SPECIAL THANKS ==== IÑAKI TEJERINA GURUZIAGA AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHY AND TIME LAPSE FILM: CLAUDIE MACKULA FOR SUCH AMAZING MUSIC! PLEASE CHECK OUT HER CHANNEL:… KAMIL KRAWCZAK MEDIEVAL ARMOURED COMBAT IRELAND CLAREGALWAY CASTLE TEAM GUILLERO ACIN ==== SOURCES ==== A Vanished World – Chris Lowney Homage to Al-Andalus – Micheal Barry The Ornament of the World – Maria Rosa Menochal Reconquest and Crusade in Medieval Spain – Joesph O’Callaghan Kingdoms of Faith – Brain Catlas ==== M U S I C ==== ANNO DOMINI (YOUTUBE ARCHIVE) Archetype Still Standing DOUG MAXWELL – YOUTUBE ARCHIVE Pink Flamenco CHRIS HAUGEN Spanish Rose CLAUDIE MACKULA El Castillo de Santiago DEREK & BRANDON FIECHTER… Werewolf Sahara Desert Epic Dwarf Music OMRI LAHAV Calm before the Storm Peak of Atlas PURPLE PLANET Thunderstorm PREMIUM BEATS Mind Field UGONNA ONYEKWE (YouTube archive) Inescapable AAKASH GANDHI (YouTube Archive) A Tale of Vengeance FILMSTRO Nanshan Drake WORLD MUSIC OFFICIAL… Golden Age Epic Middle Eastern War Music JOSS EDWARDS MUSIC Sand and Sunburn MUSOPEN Asturias – Suite Espanola KEVIN MACLEOD (YouTube Archive) Cambodean Odessy Sardana Creative Commons Attribution license (…) Source:… Artist: Category Education License Standard YouTube License

 Intellectual Exercise

 The White Conservative movement will not talk about their Germanic, Celtic, Slavic tribes or their Ice Age white Europeans heritage. They will talk about black people, but will not say the word White Ice Age History.

Teach White Europeans About Their Ice Age Heritage

 Youth Section

         TikTok has 77 milion supports

          Screenshot 7tik 1 Leftists Attempting To Destroy New TikTok App Because They Can’t Control I

 Children Section

President Donald Trump For Kid

   Banchi Brothers

Walt Bismarck

Walt Bismarck

  Inauguration Day – Walt Bismarck (Re-Upload)

White RabbitRadioTV Health Care

  Life Care


@metapediaEnciclopedia MetapediaOrganization    United States

Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE)

@wwwICEgovGlobalist News

The following websites belong to the Jewish Zionist Globalist. To give you a perspective, the Jewish Zionist Globalist activities alone affect majority of the world’s population and to help you keep informed on some of those activities behind the scenes, simply check out their websites listed below.

It’s important to understand the structure of their deceitful words and meanings behind it. These organizations never talk about building good relationships with white people or Palestinians. They’re not interested in building friendships; they have the power, yet they do not pursue building relationships.

When they talk about many situations of interest, most their language is racism, Nazi’s, combating racism, Anti-Semitism, combating white supremacist, or the extreme right wing.The International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians brings together Jewish legislatorsparliamentarians and government ministers from around the worldICJP

Please check the following articles

Teach White Europeans About Their Ice Age Heritage

White European Racial Pride.   What Race Are You ?

White European Racial Pride. What Race Are You ?

Alternative News Sites

Alternative News Sites

White History, Music, Wars, Dances and Film Archives

White History, Music, Wars, Dances and Film Archives

Whites Fight Back Against  Racism & Bigotry

Whites Fight Back Against Racism & Bigotry

White Guilt Exposed

 White Privilege

White Organization: Bloc & Generation Ide…

Genocide Whites & all Races

White Indigenous Rights

Promoting Large Families

Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

New World Order Globalist

The European Holocaust

Media Ownership: The Illusion of Choice

White Women Fighting For Our Rights & Wom…

Fighting Genocide Worldwide

Bankers Control the World

White Organizations: European Community Based Organizations

White Organizations: European Community Based Organizations

Citizens Initizens Referendums ( CIR ) in Switzerland

Citizens Initizens Referendums ( CIR ) in Switzerland

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